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Bye Bye Pimple Patch

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  • Mizon
  • Pimple patches
  • 24 pcs (10ml x 10ml)

Treat pimples without popping. Resealable package.

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Bye Bye Pimple Patch

24 pcs


Bye Bye Pimple Patches calm skin and take care of infection. Pimple patches are an effective way to treat pimples without popping

Bye Bye Pimple Patch contains 24 small and see-through hydrocolloid acne patches.

One patch is easy to apply on top of pimple to protect and heal it. Hydrocolloid patch draws out impurities and pus and then forms a soft protecting gel over the pimple.

Bye Bye Pimple Patches are suitable for all skin types dealing with pimples, spots and acne.


Bye Bye Pimple Patch

-takes care of acne and pimples

-draws out sebum and dirt

-protects skin from bacteria

-calms infection

-see-through and unnoticeable


Mizon Bye Bye Pimple Patch

Easiest way to cure acne without popping is using pimple patches during night time.



Apply one patch to cleansed and dry skin directly on the pimple. You can use other skin care products after this. Let the patch work for 8-12 hours before removing. Best way to use them is overnight.



Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 30%, Polyisobutylene

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