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  • Holika-Holika-Eyebrow-Razor-Knife-2

Eyebrow Razor 2kpl


  • Holika Holika
  • Eyebrow Razor / Eyebrow Knife
  • 2 pcs

Remove hair and shape your brows without plucking.


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Eyebrow Razor / Eyebrow Knife 2 pcs


With Holika Holika Eyebrow Razor you can shape your brows easily without plucking.

Use of the eyebrow razor is easy and quick. Remove any hairs without the pain of plucking or redness afterwards.

Package includes two eyebrow razors.




Eyebrow Razor/knife -kulmakarvaveitsi


Eyeborw razor is foldable so it’s easy and safe to store.



Remove unwanted hair from the face and shape your brows with Eyebrow Razor.