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Essences & Serums

Find deeply nourishing essences to boost up your korean skin care routine. Essences are powerful way to give extra attention to your skin. Apply essence after toner, before serum. Find popular korean essences that suits your skin type. Essence helps to improve skin texture and brightness, while hydrating the skin. Watery essences are easy to use, and they absorb quickly into skin, without stickiness. You can layer essence up tp seven times, if you like. Try the korean 7 Skin Method, and apply essence seven times to your skin. Say good bye to dry and dehydrated skin.
Serum is said to be this most powerful skin care product. Serums usually have more active ingredients, than other skin care products. Find powerful korean serum for dry, aging and sensitive skin. Korean serums are packed with active ingredients. Serums can be watery textured that usually come in ampoules, or gel-like serums, that are in pump bottles. Use serum daily under your face cream. By using serum in your korean beauty routine, you will get the fastest results. Discover and find korean essences and serums here.