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We are so thrilled that you have found our online store! We hope that our site will make you excited about Korean skincare.

As much as we love our products, everyone’s skin is different. Therefore we welcome your feedback and product requests to develop to meet the needs of all K-beauty fans.


Korean Skincare

Skincare is a necessary way to eliminate skin problems and keep the skin healthy and youthful. Some of us have more demanding and much more stubborn skin than others, which puts greater emphasis on daily cleansing and proper skincare.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone with skin problems.

K-Beauty has helped us and our clients with different skin concerns. We are here to introduce you to Korean skincare, whether you have acne, pigmentation, eczema or, for example, blackheads and combination skin. Our team works hard to describe and tell information about each product to help your decisions so that you can find the HG products for your own skincare routine.

Your skin is the most visible part of you and it always goes with you. Well cared and glowing skin shows up and gives us confidence. Skincare is also a great way to relax after a busy day. For a moment, you can only focus on yourself knowing that your skin will remember it.

Skincare requires commitment, patience, and listening to the needs of your skin. Drinking enough water, protecting the skin from the UV rays, and getting a good night’s sleep are important, but so many other uncontrollable factors affect the skin condition too.

However, it is terribly interesting to learn about our own skin and its needs. Thanks to K-beauty, you can build a delightful and enjoyable skincare routine. We think the best skincare products come from Korea, and we are happy to see that people in Finland and around the world think the same way!

Just remember: Selfcare is not selfish.


Our Story

Bearel was born in 2016 when two sisters noticed the lack of Korean beauty in Finland. This year Bearel turned three, and our passion for Korean cosmetics has only grown bigger.