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Aura | Vita4Skin+ Shower Filter Lavender


  • Shower filter
  • Soothing scent of lavender
  • Easy to install
  • Enough for 7200 liters of water

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Aura Vita4Skin+ Shower Filter Lavender

Shower filter


Aura Vita4Skin+ Shower Filter Lavender is an accessory that can be installed in the shower nozzle or faucet to filter excess chlorine from the water. During the shower, a soothing, delicate lavender scent is also released into the air. Filtered water pampers the skin and hair.

Chlorinated water can cause skin irritation and, in the long run, damage to the respiratory tract and soft tissues of the skin. In addition to chlorine, the filter removes any other contaminants from the water.

Aura Vita4Skin+ suihkusuodatin Laventeli

By preventing dry skin, you prevent and treat the most common skin problems, such as atopic dermatitis, acne, or scalp itching.

Softer water also brings benefits to the hair. For example, if you’ve washed your hair in lake water at a summer cottage, you’ve probably noticed that your hair is softer than normal after that.

This is due to the lower pH of the lake water, which not only softens the hair but also reduces dryness and itching of the scalp. Well-functioning hair also keeps hair color longer.

Vitamin C makes water more skin-friendly

The effectiveness of the filter is based on the vitamin C it secretes, which lowers the pH of the water to a more skin-friendly level. Normal tap water often has a higher pH as it slows down the corrosion of tap networks. The downside of the so-called “hard water” is e.g. dryness of the skin and hair. The ingredients in the filter are completely safe, for example, when they end up in the mouth: the vitamin C in the filter is completely edible.

Inside the filter is a gel capsule from which the vitamin C mixture is slowly excreted. The capacity of one filter is about 7,200 liters of water, ie 1-5 months, depending on water consumption and number of users. For a family of four, the shower filter lasts 30-40 days, while in a single household the filter is enough for about five months.

Antibacterial propolis effectively moisturizes

The filter not only removes harmful substances from the water, it also adds small amounts of propolis. Propolis, or bee putty wax, is a popular ingredient in Korean skin care because it moisturizes the skin effectively and gently. Propolis is also known for its antibacterial effect, making it a perfect addition to your washing routine.


How to use and install:

The shower filter can be attached to the shower nozzle or faucet. The filter is suitable for the most common showers and is easy to install.

Once the plastic cover on the package has been opened, the filter must be used immediately. Store away from sunlight and heat.

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